3 Ways You Can Create a Comfortable Space in Your Outdoor Area This Summer

Dec 4, 2020 | Blogs

Summer is quite harsh in Queensland. However, we also find summer to be the perfect time to bond with our loved ones. Our outdoors plays an important role here. Where else can you grill a barbeque and dip in the pool with your family and friends?

This is the reason your outdoor area needs decorating this season. Try making your patio a little cosier with these three summer outdoor ideas we picked just for you:

3 Ways You Can Create a Comfortable Space in Your Outdoor Area This Summer
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#1 A big ceiling fan will help

Ceiling fans are very convenient in outdoor gatherings.

What you should know about a ceiling fan is that it rotates in two-ways. During the cool season, you can have it in a normal clockwise rotation to move the air upwards. Working along with the heater, this rotation balanced the warmness of the area.

During summer, on the other hand, the ceiling fan shall be set to rotate counter-clockwise. This direction creates a windchill effect. As long as you stay within the range of the fan, air circulates well around you. This will help in our bodies’ perspiration that is much needed during summer.

Another good thing about a ceiling fan is that it doesn’t cost much energy. Since ACs are probably running constantly indoors, it will be wise to choose a ceiling fan for your outdoor area. This way, you get to ventilate both areas without too much strain on your electricity bill.

Ceiling fans also come in various designs and blade sizes. Finding one which will suit your outdoor needs will not be very hard.

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#2 Make your very own cosy space

Bonding with your family and friends is one thing during the summer season. But there are times when you want to spend your alone time outdoors as well. Thus, you might want to have a cosy area outdoors.

Assembling one is simpler since it doesn’t require a lot of space. An outdoor patio with hammock and a nice view can do the trick. You can even add some of your plants around your little space to make it more relaxing. Now, if you happen to own a portable air conditioner, having it in your cosy space will surely lessen the heat. Just make sure that the wirings won’t be touched by water while you are relaxing outside.

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#3 Play with lights

The summer season in Queensland is unique as it coincides with the holiday season. It will not be surprising to have a barbeque dinner under glowing Christmas lights. But should you keep those lights right after the first month of the season? You better not.

Why keep your Christmas lights away when you can use it to decorate your garden? We advise that you choose minimalist lights for decors, single colours and unblinking if possible. This certain light is perfect to brighten up your garden on summer nights.

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Summer is best spent with your loved ones outdoors. It is the best time to bond and have fun while surrounded by nature. With that said, you better be ready for the summer season outdoors this year.

Lederlec always finds it pleasing to help our clients achieve their dream home improvement. Should you need help in installing electrical equipment for your outdoor areas this summer? Send us a message today.