7 Electrical Safety Tips to Remember during Storms

Feb 4, 2021 | Blogs

According to the North Queensland Register, we will be enduring four cyclones this particular season. Now, this may not hit Brisbane, however, we will still feel some of the effects of it. Therefore, preparing our household for the coming storms is very important.

Electrical safety is a must in this season. Cyclones often cause damages to household electrical systems. These damages, in turn, permit further accidents such as electrical shock and worst, death.

7 Electrical Safety Tips to Remember during Storms

Now, how can you ensure electrical safety at home during storms?

Prevention is better than cure as they say. Therefore, we listed 10 tips to practice before, during and after a storm so your home will be free from electrical hazards this season.

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Tip no. 1: Install a safety switch

A safety switch is a must-have to prevent electrical hazards. Having a single switch that can turn off all the electrical outlets in the house is very convenient. It is even more useful during storms and other emergencies.

If you don’t have a safety switch at the moment, be sure to install one immediately. On the other hand, your already installed safety switch must be tested from time to time so it won’t malfunction during a storm.

We also advise to let your family know where the safety switch is located so it would easily be accessed when needed.

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Tip no. 2: Shut down the solar PV system

A storm is not the weather for a solar PV system. It is recommended to shut it down even before the storm hits. Have your local electrician perform the safe isolation procedure on your solar PV system when there is a coming storm. Most Solar Systems have a step by step shut down procedure next to the inverter, however if you need an experienced electrician for safe isolation procedures? Send us a message.

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Tip no. 3: Store seldomly-used electrical equipment

There is electrical equipment at home which we may not survive the storm without being plugged. The electrical equipment must be stored in an elevated and dry area ahead of time. There is no telling when a flood will reach your grounds. Thus, it will be safer to keep away some of the equipment which might get damaged in case of flooding as well.

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Tip no.4: Listen to the local radio station for weather updates

Listening to your local radio station during storms is important to stay updated. However, power lines are often cut within a storm. Thus, battery-operated or rechargeable radios come handy at these times. It is advised to always keep one at home.

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Tip no. 5: Switch off and unplug appliances

Do not wait for a power interruption. Switch off everything and unplug all appliances when the winds are way too strong. This practice can prevent fire.

Strong winds can destroy electrical wirings, so running an electrical connection during a storm is highly dangerous. This can easily ignite a fire while the strong winds will make it spread faster.

So to prevent a fire incident during a storm, all electrical equipment must be shut down. For unexpected storms when you are not at home and unable to prepare for, install a surge protector. Contact an electrician to talk about the best one for your application.

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Tip no. 6: Report damaged power lines

After the storm, it is best to inspect the surrounding of your house. Stay away from anything that may conduct electricity. If you found damaged power lines in your area, have the authority know so they could take the necessary action.

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Tip no. 7: Ask an expert’s help

Do not try to fix electrical systems on your own. Electrical equipment that has been damaged by water or lightning is very dangerous. Thus, checking and fixing your home’s electrical system must be handled by licensed electricians only.

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Storms can be very alarming but we have to live with it. The least we can do is to have our households ready before a storm hits. Knowing the safety measures to take before, during and after the storm will be very helpful to keep your family safe.

Should you need the service of an experienced electrician, call us on 0422 281 804. Lederlec provides electrical services in Queensland, including Brisbane Northside, Brendale and Petrie. since 2009. Send us a message.