Smoke Alarms for Ascot and Windsor

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Are your Smoke Alarms working effectively for Ascot and Windsor?

With all the house fires on the news, it is important for compliant, functional and working smoke alarms. This device may seem small yet installing them can make a great difference if ever an unexpected fire starts. With the bustling life in Ascot and Windsor, property owners can easily forget the necessity of having smoke alarms in their premises.

However, there’s a law that imposes the need for installing these devices in every type of property. If you own or rent a property, below are the responsibilities you must know.

Smoke Alarm Law

1. Landlords: If you are a landlord with units or properties for rent in Ascot and Windsor, you’re responsible for installing smoke alarms in your property. You will also change the batteries of smoke alarms that are battery-operated so long as there’s no one renting the place.

Smoke Alarms for Ascot and Windsor

2. Tenants: If you’ll rent a place around Ascot or Windsor, see to it that there are smoke alarms installed in the place you’ll stay in. Once your tenancy begins, you will be then responsible for the changing of batteries of battery-operated smoke alarms.

In case you’re not able to perform it, you will need to inform the landlord as soon as possible.

3. Homeowners: Homeowners are ordered by the law to install smoke alarms in every level of the house. 

This will include:

  • Rental properties
  • Relocatable houses
  • Occupied owned houses
  • Caravans
  • Camper-vans
  • Other residential buildings that are used for sleeping

Smoke alarms should be installed in the hallway near bedrooms in every level of the house. This device is still needed to be installed even if the level does not have a room; Or if the rooms are on different sides of the level, you need to install a smoke alarm near each bedroom.

4. Caravans & Motorhomes: These type of homes are not exempt by the law since it’s also not exempt in fire events. Caravans & motorhomes are made with materials that are combustible, therefore, the law orders to install at least 1 smoke alarm near the sleeping area. So if the annex is also used for sleeping, installing a smoke alarm near it is a must.

Fire is an enemy that can give you surprise attacks even during winter. If you are not aware, we lose our sense of smelling when we go to sleep. Therefore, in case of a fire happening at your home, you won’t be awakened by smelling the smoke.

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Benefits of Smoke Alarms

Fire, aside from flood, is an event that is familiar within wide Australia. In fact, on March 09, 2020, there were an estimated 46 million acres that were burnt by fire; At least 34 people were killed in these fire events. These are just the number for bush fires; There are other more residential and commercial fire cases in other records.

Therefore, installing smoke alarms are an effective way to keep you prepared and safe from it.  Smoke alarms, when installed and maintained properly, are the most important devices that can save lives before a fire event gets worst. These can provide you with various benefits such as:

  • Provide early warning at the earliest sign
  • Flexible to install
  • Can be remotely monitored
  • Lowers the risk of property loss
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Cost-effective
  • Saves lives

With these benefits that a smoke alarm can provide for you, it raises the level of protection of your home from fire and the quality of your life. Therefore, installing smoke alarms is a beneficial investment for any property in Ascot and Windsor.

Causes of Fire

Fire can happen at any day, at any time. If you think that the cold winter breeze makes you safe from fire, you need to rethink again. 43% of fatal fire events are said to happen during the Australian winter. And here are some of the causes of the fire that can happen even during winter in Ascot and Windsor:

  • Overloaded faulty electrical wirings
  • Overheating appliances due to overuse (e.g heaters, blanket, and clothes dryer)
  • Unattended cooking appliances
  • Flammable items placed near electric appliances
  • Candles
  • Open fires
  • Unmaintained or unattended furnace

Why Hire Lederlec for the installation of Smoke Alarms for Ascot and Windsor?

When it comes to installing smoke alarms, you shouldn’t take a risk. It is a long-term investment for you, your family, and your assets. Ensure that you only allow expert and professional smoke alarm installers to do the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms in your home.

Top Quality Smoke Alarm Services

Our professional electricians are familiar with the smoke alarm installation standards and requirements in Ascot and Windsor. Rest assured that when we work within your home, we are working based on the standards of your area. We also assure you that we will only provide high-quality smoke alarm installation and maintenance for your home.

Keep Your Home Ready and Safe from Fire

With Lederlec’s main mission of providing safety with excellent attention to details, we ensure you that what we want is to keep every home prepared and safe from fire in Ascot and Windsor. We believe that properly installing and maintenance of smoke alarms at homes is a great fire prevention.

Act now and let our professional electricians help keep your home ready and safe from fire.

Already have smoke alarms at your home?

Or are you now ready to take your fire safety on a different level?

Did you know that your smoke alarms need to be checked and maintained at least every 6 months?

Don’t fret as we also provide top of the line smoke alarm maintenance for homes. Our smoke alarm maintenance includes the following:

  • Replacement
  • Battery change
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Testing

Just send us a message at so we can help you further. Otherwise, let us know your concern by calling us at 0479 016 375 | 0422 281 804.

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About Ascot and Windsor

Ascot and Windsor are places that are both loaded with numerous business and entertainment establishments. Various businesses can be found in these places that are related to the following:

  • Health care and social assistance
  • Arts and recreation services
  • Retail trade
  • Rental, hiring, and real estate services

Located in Ascot are charming and active racecourses like the Ascot racecourse. While in Windsor, you’ll find magnificent museums like the Brisbane opal museum and restaurants. 

With the large crowd, a hundred buildings, and numerous restaurants situated in these two places, fire can easily escalate and run through buildings, especially if they are too close to each other. Smoke alarms are one of the best fire preventive methods that can ensure the safety of the occupants of any premises.

Thus, installing them can save lives and investments. Do not let unpreparedness bring down everything you’ve worked hard for. Most importantly, don’t let it take away the most important things from you such as the lives of your loved ones. Being prepared is better than being caught in the middle of an unexpected fire event.