Smoke Alarms for Greenslopes, Fairfield & Holland Park

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Is Servicing Smoke Alarms a “MUST” for Greenslopes, Fairfield, & Holland Park?

Fire prevention may be the least in your mind when you are busy running a business in Greenslopes, Fairfield, & Holland Park. However, there’s a law that orders people to install smoke alarms in their building and homes. Therefore, it will be illegal not to have this device in your place.

Read below the responsibilities of homeowners, landlords, tenants, and/or building owners regarding smoke alarms.

Smoke Alarm Law

1. Homeowners
: The law orders homeowners to install smoke alarms on every level of their homes. 

This includes the following:

Smoke Alarms for Greenslopes, Fairfield & Holland Park
  • Occupied owned houses
  • Relocatable houses
  • Camper-vans
  • Caravans
  • Rental properties
  • Other residential buildings where people sleep

The smoke alarms should be located in the hallway near the bedrooms. If the rooms in one level are located in different phases of the house, you must place a smoke alarm on each location. Smoke alarms must still be installed even if the house level doesn’t have bedrooms.

2. Caravans & Motorhomes: Caravans & motorhomes are not exempted in fire cases, especially with the light and combustible materials used in it. Plus the fact there are very limited escape routes in it. That is why the law also requires caravans and motorhomes to install smoke alarms. 

The government advises caravans & motorhome owners to install 1 smoke alarm near the bed; Also 1 near the annex if it’s used for sleeping. The devices must be fitted with a silencing button that can be used by the occupants.

3. Tenants: Tenants are responsible for changing the batteries of battery-operated smoke alarms once their tenancy starts. If the tenant is unavailable to do this, the tenant must immediately notify the landlord.

4. Landlords: The landlord is responsible for installing smoke alarms in their properties. They will also handle the placing a new battery to the battery-operated smoke alarm before a tenancy begins.

Once the tenancy begins, the tenants will be now responsible for replacing the batteries; In case the tenant is unable to do the replacement, the landlord will take over.

For residential properties that are for rent only during holidays, the owners are the one responsible for installing smoke alarms and changing the batteries if needed.

With the advancement in today’s technology, the furnishing and finishes used in buildings and houses have also evolved. Synthetic materials that are flammable or easy to burn were being widely produced and used. These type of materials can quickly escalate a fire event in case it happens. 

Given these, installing smoke alarms in buildings in Greenslopes, Fairfields, & Holland Park is a must. For building owners to provide safety measures, smoke alarms should be installed and maintained properly within their premises. It also helps in alarming authorities in case a fire occurs after business hours or working hours.

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Benefits of Smoke Alarms for Greenslopes, Fairfield, & Holland Park

Operative smoke alarms still remain as the best methods of alerting building and house occupants in case there is a fire happening. If you have a fire alarm in your building or home, you must know that smoke alarms are one of the important components in making it effective.

Below are the benefits of installing smoke alarms in your buildings:

  • Lifesaver
  • Prevent grave property damage after the event
  • They’re your 24/7 guard
  • Alerts you of fire within the easiest sign
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible installation
  • Able to remote monitoring

These benefits from installing smoke alarms levels up the safety, security, and preparedness of your building in case of a fire. Thus, it puts your mind at rest that there is something watching over your building and keeping it safe round the clock.

Causes of Fire

A fire event occurs both in hot and cold weather. Therefore, you can’t be lenient about it even during the winter season in Greenslopes, Fairfield, & Holland Park. Here are the various causes of fire events that can take place even if it is still cold outside.

  • Candles
  • Overheating appliances that are overused (e.g heaters, blanket, and clothes dryer)
  • Open fires
  • Flammable items placed near electric appliances
  • Overloaded faulty electrical wirings
  • Unmaintained or unattended fireplaces or heaters
  • Unattended cooking appliances
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Why Choose Lederlec for Smoke Alarms Services and Installation in Greenslopes, Fairfield, & Holland Park?

There is no taking risks when it comes down to installing and maintaining smoke alarms. If these devices are properly installed in the right place and properly maintained, it will provide you with the alert that you need if a fire event occurs.

Effective and smartly located smoke alarms

The location where a smoke alarm is installed will make a big difference in its effectiveness. Therefore, installing it properly in the proper place is very important.

Our smoke alarm installation and services provide effective and smartly located smoke alarms. We ensure that every smoke alarm is located in the right place where it can effectively alert your building occupants. Thus, everyone can immediately go to a place where they can be safe from fire.

Accurate smoke alarm testing and certification

We understand how devastating it can be when people could lose their hard-earned money and most especially, the lives of their loved ones. We at Lederlec assure you that we can perform accurate testing of the smoke alarms in your building.

We will also provide you with a certificate that will attest to the good working condition of your smoke alarms. This will serve as your legal document once your building is inspected by the authorities if it has smoke alarms installed in it.

Don’t let your unpreparedness put lives in danger. Stay alert with our smoke alarm services. CALL 0479 016 375 or 0422 281 804..

Servicing in Greenslopes, Fairfield, and Holland Park, our smoke alarm services also cover proper maintenance of your devices. This includes the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Battery change
  • Repair
  • Testing
  • Replacement

Smoke alarms should be checked and maintained at least every 6 months or annually for any problem. This way, you can see to it that your smoke alarm devices are in good operating status.

For smoke alarm installation and services in Greenslopes, Fairfield, and Holland Park, email us at You can also reach us through 0479 016 375 and 0422 281 804.

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About Greenslopes, Fairfield, & Holland Park

Greenslopes, Fairfield, & Holland Park are three charming suburbs that are just a few kilometres away from the Central Business District. These places are all family and professional friendly places. Thus, they’re all packed mostly with residential and commercial properties.

For example, in Holland Park, you’ll find top-rated schools like Holland Park state and St. Joachim’s school. While in Fairfield, there are various parks that are a go-to by families. Greenslopes, on the other hand, has private hospitals and shopping centres that can cater to your medical, essential, and entertainment needs.

With the enormous number of properties and population in these places, safety and security must be placed on top of the things to consider. Therefore, installing smoke alarms here is a must.

Smoke alarms can greatly help in preventing fire and even suppress it in case it accidentally happens. It can save our businesses, investments, and most importantly, the lives of people we love and the others around us.