Smoke Alarms for Paddington

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Is Servicing your Smoke Alarm Necessary for Paddington?

Smoke alarms are one of the most helpful devices when it comes to saving lives during fire cases. Fire and Rescue NSW’s FIRU showed in their various researches how much residential and commercial property owners can benefit from smoke alarms.

In regards to their research and the count of fire cases that mostly happens during winter, installing smoke alarms in premises in Paddington is therefore imperative. Each passing day and night where you don’t have this device,  you and your family’s safety can be easily compromised when a fire occurs.

Along with these facts, did you know that if you own a property, you are made responsible by the law to install smoke alarms in your place? Read on below for brief information of this law.

Smoke Alarms for Paddington

Smoke Alarm Law

1. Homeowners: According to the law, homeowners must install smoke alarms in all levels of their homes.

This includes the following:

  • Occupied owned houses
  • Relocatable houses
  • Camper-vans
  • Caravans
  • Rental properties
  • Other residential buildings where people sleep

The devices should be installed in the hallway near the bedrooms. If the rooms are on separate areas of the house level, smoke alarms should be installed near each room. Even if the house level doesn’t have a room, you still need to install at least 1 smoke alarm device in it. 

2. Landlords: Rental property owners like landlords are ordered to install smoke alarms in each of their units (if it’s an apartment). Replacing and repairing the device is the landlord’s responsibility. However, once a tenancy starts, the tenant will be held responsible for replacing the battery of the battery-operated smoke alarms.

3. Tenants: Once a tenancy starts, as a tenant, you are now responsible for replacing the batteries of the smoke alarms. In case you are not physically available to do it, immediately notify the landlord.

4. Caravans & Motorhomes: With the Caravan and motorhome’s physical structure, they can’t be truly exempted with fire cases. The light and combustible materials used in these type of homes can quickly escalate a fire in case it occurs.

The law orders the installation of at least 1 smoke alarm device near the sleeping areas of Caravans and motorhomes. There should also be a fitted hush button for silencing in case of false alarm.

With today’s technology, synthetic combustible materials are used in building and home’s furnishings. Given this fact, installing smoke alarms in your place is an important part of providing safety for your occupants. Thus, this makes you, your occupants, and your place fire-prepared and protected.

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Benefits of Smoke Alarms

Do you know that when you go to sleep, your sense of smell is inactive? Therefore, in case a fire is starting, you won’t get awakened by its smoke. Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms are proven to be one of the best ways of alerting people about an occurring fire. 

Below are the benefits of installing & servicing smoke alarms in your buildings:

  • It serves as your round the clock guard
  • Prevents fire from getting worse
  • Lowers property lost and damages
  • Notifies you immediately with the earliest sign of occurring fire
  • Cost-effective and cost-efficient
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Saves lives

With these benefits of smoke alarms, installing them in your place in Paddington will bring peace, safety, and preparedness within your occupants. You can go on with your daily routine with ease and peace of mind without the worry of getting surprised by a fire.

Causes of Fire

Winter season does not give guarantees to anyone that fire won’t happen at this time. In fact, most fire cases were recorded during the winter season. This means that you can’t just lay back and enjoy the cold weather in Paddington.

Here are some of the main causes of fire cases that can happen even it’s the cold season: 

  • Overheating electric blankets, heaters, & clothes dryer
  • Overloaded electrical outlets
  • Faulty wirings
  • Unattended heaters and fire places
  • Unattended cooking appliances
  • Candles
  • Open fires
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Why Hire Lederlec for Your Smoke Alarms Services and Installation Needs in Paddington?

Fire prevention isn’t a trial and error game. Thus, taking it with the utmost care and consideration is highly advised. To ensure that you can provide safety measures in your home or building, secure a properly installed and smartly located smoke alarms in it.

Effective and cleverly installed smoke alarms

Cleverly installed smoke alarms bring a great difference with its effectiveness in case a fire happens. If it is placed near the sleeping areas, you can ensure that you will be alerted by it once it detects a fire starting.

Our expert electricians ensure that every smoke alarm are installed in the proper place where it’ll be effective. Sleeping areas are the best place to install smoke alarms since we won’t be able to smell fire smoke while sleeping. Thus, a smoke alarm placed in these areas will effectively wake anyone in case of a fire.

Properly tested devices and certification

We at Lederlec understands how fatal fire consequences can be with our investments and family. That is why we ensure that the smoke alarms we provide are properly tested with certifications. 

The certification we give serves as your guarantee of our work. It will also be your legal document you can show once fire authorities inspect your premise. We also provide an accurate smoke alarm testing at least every 6 months as part of the device’s maintenance.

Do not let a fire catch you in surprise. Let our smoke alarms in Paddington keep you alert and protected at all times.

Our smoke alarm services can also include the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Battery change
  • Repair
  • Testing
  • Replacement

To ensure that your smoke alarms are continuously working at its best, conducting maintenance at least every 6 months must be done. We have dependable electricians that can ensure that your devices are always at its top shape. Just send us your concerns so we can quickly help you.

To know more about our smoke alarm services in Paddington, you can email us at Otherwise, call us at 0479 016 375 and 0422 281 804 for immediate concerns.

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About Paddington

Paddington is a nearby suburb of the Central Business District. Residential and commercial properties are mostly built on stumps in this area since their blocks are naturally steep.

With the many establishments in this place, smoke alarms are a necessity to keep investments, residents, and even the tourist’s protection against fire events. Make your place in Paddington prepared, protected, and safe by installing smoke alarms in it.

This is why installing and servicing your smoke alarms are necessary at home and offices. They can alert you of fire at the earliest sign possible. A properly installed and maintained smoke alarm can provide you with peace even when you sleep and don’t have a sense of smell.