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Is it important to maintain your smoke Alarms in North Brisbane?

Fire occurrences are often neglected by some busy property owners in Brisbane and North Brisbane. Some think that only huge buildings need it, but there’s a law that obligates both residential and commercial properties to install smoke alarm systems in their places.

Therefore, not complying to that law can result in penalties. Below are the responsibilities of homeowners, landlords, building owners, and tenants. Read them to be aware of your duties as a property owner.

Smoke Alarms Services - North Brisbane

Smoke Alarm Law in North Brisbane

1. Homeowners: Homeowners are obligated by the law to install smoke alarms on every level of their house.

This includes the following:

  • Caravans
  • Camper-vans
  • Rental properties
  • Relocatable houses
  • Occupied owned houses
  • Other residential buildings where people sleep

Smoke alarms should be installed in the hallways, near the sleeping areas. If in case the rooms on one level are located at different sides, a smoke alarm must be installed on each side, near the bedroom. Even if one house level doesn’t have a room, a smoke alarm must still be installed in it.

2. Landlords: For rental places, the landlord is the one obligated to install smoke alarms in their properties. They must handle the placement of new batteries to the battery-operated smoke-alarms before any tenancy starts.

Once a tenant will start to rent the place, battery replacement of the smoke alarms will now be handled by the tenant. In case they won’t be able to do it, they must alert the landlord immediately.

3. Tenants: Once a tenant starts to rent a property, it’ll be their duty to replace the batteries of the battery-operated smoke alarms. They must be able to notify the landlord in case they can’t perform the replacement.

4. Motorhomes & Caravan: Motorhomes and Caravan owners are not exempted to the smoke alarm law. Because these types of homes have light and combustible materials. To add more, the escape route of these homes are very limited. That’s why the law also obligates owners of motorhomes and caravan to install smoke alarms in it.

Along with the development in today’s technology, the usual thick furnishing and finishes of homes have been altered. The use of flammable synthetic materials has been widely spread. In case a fire occurs, these materials can escalate the situation fast.

For these reasons, smoke alarm installation in both commercial and residential properties in Brisbane and North Brisbane is essential. Smoke alarms work as a preventive safety measure of property owners that get them alerted of a starting fire. This way, they can immediately find solutions and help prevent the fire from worsening.

Benefits of Smoke Alarms for North Brisbane

Fire alarm systems in homes and buildings can’t be complete and truly effective without smoke alarms. Therefore, installing these devices are still known to be the most effective way of alerting property occupants of an occurring fire.

Here are the benefits of installing smoke alarms on your premises:

  • Lifesaver
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible installation
  • Able to remote monitoring
  • They’re your 24/7 guard
  • Alerts you of fire within the easiest sign
  • Prevent grave property damage after the event

Given these benefits from smoke alarms installed in your properties, you can be at ease that your place’s level of security and protection against fire is higher.

Causes of Fire in Brisbane

Fire occurrences can happen even when the weather is cold. Therefore, you can’t be too relaxed about it even in winter seasons in Brisbane and North Brisbane. Below are some of the various reasons for fire events that can still happen even in cold weather.

  • Open fires
  • Candles
  • Unattended cooking appliances
  • Overloaded faulty electrical wirings
  • Unmaintained or unattended furnace
  • Flammable items placed near electric appliances
  • Overheating appliances (e.g heaters, blanket, and clothes dryer)
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Why choose Lederlec for Smoke Alarm Services in North Brisbane?

Smoke alarms are an investment you and your family can benefit from for a long time. Therefore, you should take the installation of these devices in your house with keen eyes.

You must ensure that you’re engaging only with expert smoke alarm installers. Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms can ensure to become effective in alarming you in case of fire.


Detailed smoke alarm testing and certification

We know how breaking it can be for people to lose their hard-earned money and worse, their family to fire. That’s why here at Lederlec, we commit ourselves to providing you with a detailed smoke alarm testing in your property.

This way, you, your family, and your property are kept safe from fire events. We will also secure you with the certification that will attest to the good working condition of your smoke alarms. It can also serve as your proof should the authorities inspect your place.

Efficient smoke alarm installation and maintenance

Our team fully understands that the location of smoke alarms can affect its effectiveness in alarming people about a fire. Therefore, installing it in the proper place is essential to make sure it will serve its purpose.

Our electricians make sure to thoroughly assess your property before installing these devices. We see to it that we consider and foresee all the factors that can hinder the operation of smoke alarms. This includes:

  • Testing
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Battery change

Rest assured that these safety devices will be properly and cleverly placed in your property. This way, should an unexpected fire occur, everyone occupant in your place will be notified immediately and can run to safety.

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