The Importance of Test & Tag in Your Workplace

Aug 2, 2021 | Blogs

The Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 has mandated that all company owners in Queensland must adhere to the policies that can make their workplace safe from electrical accidents. Among the required safety procedures is the regular testing and tagging of electrical equipment at work to ensure you and your employees are working in a hazard-free environment.

The Importance of Test & Tag in Your Workplace

Here are more reasons why you should always do a test and tag in your workplace. Read on.

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Helps you address potential electrical hazards

Test and tag requires a qualified electrician to inspect your electrical devices. In doing so, they are able to identify potential electrical hazards.

Among some of the important risks being addressed during the test and tag procedure are:

  • Frayed or open wirings and cables
  • Earth continuity
  • Water Leakage
  • Resistance to insulation
  • Worn or damaged electrical equipment

When left unchecked, these problems can cause a short circuit, electrocution, and fire. Thus, early detection through testing and tagging is an absolute must.


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Lets you proactively manage equipment replacement

When your company’s electrical equipment suddenly fails, you’ll have more concerns on your plate than the risk it may cost. Broken equipment hinders your employees from working productively. It will either be, letting them work manually or suspend their tasks until the replacement arrives. These two options are both unproductive and will take a blow on your company’s income. 

By getting your equipment regularly checked by a licensed electrician, you can detect possible problems before they emerge and get them repaired or replaced without disrupting your workflow.


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Gives insight into your workplace risk reduction plan

Running a routine testing and tagging of electrical equipment by a licensed electrical contractor can help you in drafting your office safety and risk reduction strategy. This is crucial not only for government compliance but it also ensures the safety of your stakeholders.


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May Lead to Lower Insurance Rate

Getting your workplace electrical equipment tested and tagged regularly can result in lower insurance costs because it demonstrates that there is a low probability of an electrical accident occurring in your workplace. This leaves you with a good impression on your insurance company.


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The best way to avoid an accident, is, after all, to be prepared for it. Electrical testing and tagging are important in keeping electrical hazards in your workplace at bay. It is a proactive way of dealing with electrical risks that may harm your business.

Should you need a reliable electrician for testing and tagging in your workplace, then we are just a call away. Schedule an appointment with us.