3 Good Characteristics of an Industrial Electrician

Nov 4, 2021 | Blogs

Industrial electricians are not your ordinary electricians. These are individuals who are skilled in performing the following tasks:

  • installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems in factories, warehouses, production areas and other businesses
  • test if equipment has to be replaced or upgraded
  • check switches, motors, controls and other parts of any industrial electrical system such as hydraulic and pneumatic equipment

With the complexity of these tasks, how do you know if the industrial electrician you are going to hire is what you are looking for? Here we have listed 3 good qualities you should be looking for when searching for one.

3 Good Characteristics of an Industrial Electrician
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Good communication skills

Licensed industrial electrician generally have the following characteristics:

  • excellent problem-solving skills
  • good physical condition, manual and physical dexterity
  • impressive mathematical aptitude

But what sets apart excellent industrial electricians is their ability to communicate effectively. This is very important because they need to explain electrical hazards to the industry owners while explaining to their team what has to be done to fix this problem. So, unless your chosen industrial electrician exhibits this quality; it would be very difficult for him to properly execute the job.

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Openness and clear mind

The last thing you would want is for an industrial electrician who is not open to the opinion of others. Therefore, it is a must that your chosen electrician showcase openness to new ideas, especially if he is faced with never before seen machines. He should be able to ask questions so he can figure out the needed repair or upgrade. This is only possible with someone who has an open mind.

He will also be exposed to difficult situations just to fix a problem. This could mean working on large equipment or climbing great heights. To properly perform the job, he should have a clear mind so he can properly execute his task.

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Specialises in one or two areas

It is not sufficient that your industrial electrician has the license to perform equipment repair and installation. You should also consider their type of specialisation, as these may vary from one electrician to another.

As earlier mentioned, industrial electricians are expected to:

  • Install various types of industrial equipment.
  • Repair and maintain electrical systems.
  • Calibrate and maintain circuits
  • Read and interpret wiring diagrams

So it is important for you to identify what type of equipment they can handle. Is it hydraulics or pneumatics?

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