Is your home’s electrical system summer ready?

Is your home’s electrical system summer ready?

Is your home’s electrical system summer ready?

Summer means three things in Queensland:

  • Longer days
  • Hotter temperature
  • Holiday season

Apart from celebrations and visiting beaches, another thing that you shouldn’t miss this summer is your home’s electrical safety.

Why? Because summer is the season when most fire accidents occur in Queensland due to faulty wirings and blown-up appliances. Therefore, you must have your home electrical system safe this summer.

Is your home’s electrical system summer ready

Make your summer trouble-free with these electrical safety tips:

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Install RCD at home

Residual Current Device or RCD is called a safety switch for a reason. This device is designed to protect your family from electrical hazards. Fire and electrocution from the faulty electrical system can be avoided using RCD. It can switch off your power circuit for as fast as 30 milliseconds, cutting the chance of an electrical accident.

Should you need a licensed and experienced electrician to install and check your RCD at home, give us a call on 0479 016 375. Lederlec is a trusted electrical company known for providing services to the government and Queensland households since 2009.

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Plug major appliances directly into the powerpoint

Plugging major appliances in extension cords is one of the most common mistakes that can lead to electrical accidents.

There are two types of electrical outlets at home, power points and extensions. Power points are those installed on walls and are connected to the main power line. These outlets are used for your major appliances like the air conditioner and fridge. The other one, extension cords, are to be used only for smaller appliances and chargers.

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Get an expert check your electrical system

Your home electrical system should be checked every ten years by a licensed electrician. This helps in immediately fixing faulty wirings and electrical hazards in your home.

Do-it-yourself fixes, repairs and installation should not be the case for your home’s electrical system. Do not attempt to do these things on your own.

Fixing electrical wirings and repairing appliances must be handled by licensed electricians, especially in Brendale, Petrie, and Brisbane Northside.  It is better to be safe than sorry as they say.

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Keep flammable materials away from electrical appliances

We never know when accidents can happen. No matter how careful we are, the possibility of accidents will still be there. This is especially true for seasonal electrical devices, such as your Christmas lights.

To avoid accidents caused by these lights, it is highly recommended to keep flammable materials such as branches of plants and curtains away from these appliances.  You should also have a handy fire extinguisher near it for emergency purposes.

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Be mindful of domestic electrical hazards

If you have done the needed precautionary measures to prevent electrical hazards, what’s left is to be mindful of your actions.

The hot weather can make you dip in the pool from time to time. Thus, keep in mind not to touch electrical appliances or wirings before drying your body.

In case an electrical toy or appliance drops in the pool, do not attempt to retrieve it yourself. Lastly, turn off unused and unattended appliances. Not only will it be safer but will cut electricity consumption too.

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There’s a lot to do in Queensland during the summer season. That makes more reasons to be cautious and avoid as many accidents as possible. This way, we can make the most out of this year’s summer.

Should you need a licensed electrical contractor to get your home ready for the summer? Send us a message today.

3 Ways You Can Create a Comfortable Space in Your Outdoor Area This Summer

3 Ways You Can Create a Comfortable Space in Your Outdoor Area This Summer

3 Ways You Can Create a Comfortable Space in Your Outdoor Area This Summer

Summer is quite harsh in Queensland. However, we also find summer to be the perfect time to bond with our loved ones. Our outdoors plays an important role here. Where else can you grill a barbeque and dip in the pool with your family and friends?

This is the reason your outdoor area needs decorating this season. Try making your patio a little cosier with these three summer outdoor ideas we picked just for you:

3 Ways You Can Create a Comfortable Space in Your Outdoor Area This Summer
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#1 A big ceiling fan will help

Ceiling fans are very convenient in outdoor gatherings.

What you should know about a ceiling fan is that it rotates in two-ways. During the cool season, you can have it in a normal clockwise rotation to move the air upwards. Working along with the heater, this rotation balanced the warmness of the area.

During summer, on the other hand, the ceiling fan shall be set to rotate counter-clockwise. This direction creates a windchill effect. As long as you stay within the range of the fan, air circulates well around you. This will help in our bodies’ perspiration that is much needed during summer.

Another good thing about a ceiling fan is that it doesn’t cost much energy. Since ACs are probably running constantly indoors, it will be wise to choose a ceiling fan for your outdoor area. This way, you get to ventilate both areas without too much strain on your electricity bill.

Ceiling fans also come in various designs and blade sizes. Finding one which will suit your outdoor needs will not be very hard.

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#2 Make your very own cosy space

Bonding with your family and friends is one thing during the summer season. But there are times when you want to spend your alone time outdoors as well. Thus, you might want to have a cosy area outdoors.

Assembling one is simpler since it doesn’t require a lot of space. An outdoor patio with hammock and a nice view can do the trick. You can even add some of your plants around your little space to make it more relaxing. Now, if you happen to own a portable air conditioner, having it in your cosy space will surely lessen the heat. Just make sure that the wirings won’t be touched by water while you are relaxing outside.

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#3 Play with lights

The summer season in Queensland is unique as it coincides with the holiday season. It will not be surprising to have a barbeque dinner under glowing Christmas lights. But should you keep those lights right after the first month of the season? You better not.

Why keep your Christmas lights away when you can use it to decorate your garden? We advise that you choose minimalist lights for decors, single colours and unblinking if possible. This certain light is perfect to brighten up your garden on summer nights.

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Summer is best spent with your loved ones outdoors. It is the best time to bond and have fun while surrounded by nature. With that said, you better be ready for the summer season outdoors this year.

Lederlec always finds it pleasing to help our clients achieve their dream home improvement. Should you need help in installing electrical equipment for your outdoor areas this summer? Send us a message today.

Everything you need to know about the Mandatory Upgrade of Smoke Alarms in Queensland

Everything you need to know about the Mandatory Upgrade of Smoke Alarms in Queensland

Everything you need to know about the Mandatory Upgrade of Smoke Alarms in Queensland

The Fire and Emergency Services Amendment Act of 2016 mandated that every property in Queensland must have a working and interconnected smoke alarms as precautionary measures for fire incident in the area. Commencing on the 1st of January 2017, this act will run for 10 years with the expectation that all properties in Queensland have properly complied with the installation of smoke alarms by the year 2027. 

Everything you need to know about the Mandatory Upgrade of Smoke Alarms in Queensland

The act imposes earlier compliance for rentals, properties for lease and other paid accommodations as they are expected to adhere with the regulations concerning the installation or upgrading of smoke alarms by the 1st of January 2022 which is fast approaching. So if you happened to run a property rental business, you might want to have the compliance done as early as this year to avoid the rush or the penalty whilst you fail to comply by the deadline.

As the 2022 deadline is nearing, the demand in installation services for smoke alarms is getting higher and higher by the passing month, so it is highly advised that you arrange your properties’ compliance as early as now. Additionally, the closer the deadline, the higher rates you will pay for the service, making it wise to take actions ahead of time.

Even though there’s a longer period allotted for homeowners to comply with this safety standard, it is still better to work on it now as following the regulations for smoke alarms can save lives in case of fire. Although 2027 is still far ahead, we may want to make our household safe now. So whether you are running property rentals or you have a house of your own, this article will get you guided to the things you should know about the mandatory upgrade of smoke alarms in Queensland.

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Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

First of all, we need to know that photoelectric smoke alarms are the recommended type for compliance with the regulation. Though most households are utilizing ionization type smoke alarms, the photoelectric type is proven to detect smoke faster. Additionally, instead of a radioactive element, photoelectric alarms make use of light-emitting diode in order to detect smoke making it more environmentally friendly as compared to its counterpart. 

So if you are still using ionization smoke alarms, you might want to upgrade it soon in order to comply with the regulations. 

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When to upgrade?

If you are wondering whether to upgrade or not, the answer is quite simple, it is a matter of years and capacity. If your photoelectric smoke alarms were installed not more than 10 years ago, it will pass the compliance test as long as it functions well upon checking. 

If you are not sure whether your smoke alarms will still work when 2022 comes, better consult an electrical contractor to have it checked for you so you will have it ready when the compliance check is conducted.

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What else to know?

According to the legislation, there must be a photoelectric smoke alarm in every room, hallways and stories of a property. Furthermore, these smoke alarms must be interconnected to one another in order to set off all at once when smoke particles are detected anywhere in the property. 

Lastly, we should remember that smoke alarms must also be hardwired. Otherwise, it must be installed with 10 years of lifespan lithium battery.

Now that you have the idea about the guidelines set for compliance to the Fire and Emergency Services Amendment Act of 2016 QLD, you may want to assess if there is a need to upgrade your existing smoke alarms in Paddington, Greenslopes, Fairfield, Holland Park, Ascot, Windsor, and the West End. 

Whether you are managing property rentals or homeowners, following these guidelines is very important since we do not know when smoke alarms might become handy. Ensuring the safety of the occupants must always be a priority alongside compliance. So even if it was still early, consider having your smoke alarms be assessed today. 


Electrician and Electrical Contractor: is there a difference?

Electrician and Electrical Contractor: is there a difference?

Electrician and Electrical Contractor: is there a difference?

If you ever tried looking for a professional to fix the electrical system in your house or workplace, you might have come across the terms electrician and electrical contractor as a service provider for the electrical works you need. Choosing between the two service providers can be confusing when you are not very familiar with their specific job roles. Moreover, these two terms are actually often used interchangeably, amidst the huge difference between the kinds of service they offer, not to mention the conditions on how they should operate.

Electrician and Electrical Contractor is there a difference

Therefore, in order for you to pick the right person to do the job, you must be acquainted with the difference between electricians and electrical contractors. This includes the limitations of the services they can offer and the advantages of hiring one over the other. Knowing all of these things will lead you to a more informed decision. 

Let us start by knowing the below?

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An electrician is…

An electrician is a professional who had undergone four years of training on different electrical works such as the following:

  • Installation of an electrical system
  • Assessment of appliance safety
  • Building switchboard
  • Electrical motor maintenance
  • Replacement of damaged parts like plugs, resistors, etc.
  • Electrical appliances and other wiring repairs

Following Australian Standards for consumers’ safety and public liability, all electricians in the country must have a license for them to operate. The license can be acquired through passing a set of training for electricians coupled with a given condition that the holder must continuously learn on the field to ensure they remain knowledgeable and up to date on changes in the electrical industry. 

Given the above information, we may have the understanding that electricians can do most of the electrical works in our house or in the workplace. However, though their knowledge and skills in handling the electrical system are unquestionable, electricians are not allowed to provide services as an individual entity. Adhering to the work safety standards here in Australia, electricians must get an electrical contractor license or be hired by an electrical contractor in order for them to legally operate. Understanding what an electrical contractor is will make you understand why electricians are not authorized to work on their own.

So what is an electrical contractor?

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An electrical contractor is…

On the other hand, an electrical contractor is an electrician who had undergone more training and assessment and was licensed to operate an electrical business through an electrical contractor license. They are also allowed to employ electricians to work for their business as part of the license they possess.

But how can these electrical contractors operate? What is needed from them by the government?

To start with, we should remember that electrical contractors are first and foremost, licensed electricians. Thus, before you should even think of processing an electrical contractor license, you should first ensure that you, yourself, is a licensed electrician.  

With this in mind, you will understand why some can get the wrong impression between a licensed electrician and a licensed electrical factor. This is because as a licensed electrician themselves, these electrical contractors can, in fact, handle some of their company’s projects despite being the business owner.

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So what can an electrical contractor do?

An electrical contractor license allows the holder to make clients’ invoices, which cannot be done by a person holding an electrician workers license alone.  For this reason, electrical contractors are employing electricians to work for their business when more workers are needed. This is how an electrician can legally operate.

Electrical contractors are allowed to employ electricians given that they provide them with insurance and continuous training. This guarantees the clients that the one who will work for their electrical system is both qualified and insured. 

Furthermore, electrical contractors are also mandated to offer warranty for their clients in case damages are made on a property due to the electrical works delivered by their company. 

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So should you go to when in need of electrical fixes or jobs?

When hiring a professional to work on our household or workplace electrical system, we must consider looking for an electrical contractor, as they have both the knowledge and authority to provide such services. It will not only guarantee good results but will also provide you with comfort knowing that both you and the electrician who will work for you are being protected.

3 Things to Look for in a Reliable Electrician

3 Things to Look for in a Reliable Electrician

3 Things to Look for in a Reliable Electrician

You’ll find a handful of DIY fixes online. For this reason, it is not surprising for many of us to try things out on our own, which are supposed to be done by an expert. Although learning new things is productive, it is still better and safer to set a limit on what we can “do-it-yourself” and what must be left to the hands of professionals.

3 Things to Look for in a Reliable Electrician

One such work that must be handled by an expert is the fixing of electrical problems. Though some of us are more than capable to replace plugs and get open wiring fixed, we still need to have these problems fixed by a qualified and licenced electrician instead of doing these tasks ourselves. After all, problems in electrical wiring can lead to serious injuries and even fire incidents. 

Since the faulty electrical system may cause severe damages to the occupants and the property, it is very crucial that we hire a reliable electrician whenever the need for assessment or repair of the electrical system in the household arises. In this article, we will try to provide you with the things to consider in finding a reliable electrician.

So what shall you look for before hiring an electrician?

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A reliable electrician has an electrical contractor’s license

All electricians are required by law to have a license before they can operate. License, after all, is a sign of competence for the field of work, thus hiring a licensed electrician is safer and more reassuring. 

But do you know that there are different types of licenses for electricians?


For instance, an electrical fitter license qualifies an electrician to build switchboards and repair most electrical equipment. On the other hand, an electrical mechanic license allows a mechanic to conduct electrical works such as repairing electrical equipment, installing electrical wiring and changing overhead electrical lines. 

For businesses involving installation and repair of electrical systems, an electrical contractor license is an absolute necessity. Thus, checking for an electrical contractor license when hiring an electrician should also be on top of your priority as this will also ensure that the one who will work for your electrical system’s problem is insured.

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Insurance is assurance

So you’ve found a licensed electrician. But is he insured? Why should you even bother asking this question?

Dealing with an electrical system, be it installing wires or more so if it needs fixing, is quite dangerous. Even though you can rely on a licensed electrician to deliver excellent results, the hazards present in their job cannot be denied. Therefore, it may be more reassuring if your electrician has insurance for his job, especially if he is working under an electrical company. 

Some insurance offered by electrical contractors doesn’t only cover their employees but their clients as well. As electrical hazards may affect not only the electrician who’s working on it but your property as well, such insurance is good to back you up if ever any unwanted damage happens in your property due to the service the electrical company had provided.

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Good reviews, good price and good reputation

Last but definitely not the least is the overall performance and service the electrician you will be hiring has to offer. It is advisable to find local electricians to work for you so you will be able to check from previous clients, who are probably in your neighbourhood whether the electrician or electrical contractor you plan to hire has a good reputation and can provide quality output. 

Electrical contractors these days are running their websites or social media pages which are very accessible online. Visiting their sites will give you an idea how well they handle works. Additionally, clients’ testimonials are often available in their sites or in other sites that features company reviews. Reviews over the internet often give out helpful information to aid your choice. 

All in all, hiring a reliable electrician for your electrical system needs is very important in order to have a safe home. The many problems that may arise out of faulty wiring can be very well prevented by an expert who cares for your safety and convenience. Learn more about us. Click here

Importance of Smoke Alarms in Workplaces

Importance of Smoke Alarms in Workplaces

You’ve got very little time to save an individual when a fire arises. Thus every second count.

Importance of Smoke Alarms in Workplaces

This is even more important with business owners who put great consideration not only to the lives of their staff but with their property investment. No wonder it is important for businesses to take appropriate measures to ensure both the safety of their employees and the business as well.

This is well posted in BUSINESS QUEENSLAND:

“You must make sure your staff know what to do in the event of a fire or other emergency. You must provide regular evacuation training for staff so they understand emergency procedures, including evacuation instructions, assembly point locations and use of fire alarms and equipment.”

So if you are still wondering if you need to install appropriate numbers of smoke alarms in your building and offices, this is DEFINITELY A MUST.


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What are the things you can do to avoid causing a fire at your workplace?

As a starter, you can begin by observing the following:


  • Ensure a working and well-maintained smoke alarm system
  • Place a written fire escape plan in the walls where the staff can see it.
  • Avoid stocking piles of flammable materials together
  • Practices fire drills
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What losses can happen when a fire happens in the workplace:

What would you potentially lose when a fire suddenly abrupts in your workplace? Here are some of them:

  • Loss of lives
  • Injury to staff
  • Damage to property
  • Damage to assets
  • Damage equipment
  • Information loss
  • Environmental damages
  • Community harm

The damages and loss from a fire can be any of these forms. However, avoiding these can be easy if you know how important fire alarms are.


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Where should these smoke alarm systems be placed?

Typically smoke alarms are placed in the centre of the passage where everyone will be able to hear it. Thus it is typical for these to be placed one in the head of the stairways at every level of the building.

But why am I not seeing smoke and fire alarms near office lights?

Smoke alarms are installed at a safe distance from the office lights. If they are too close to the lights, it might get a false alarm from the light’s reflection. The same goes for the placement of fire alarms. It shouldn’t be placed near ceiling fans or AC vents because it can prevent the devices from properly detecting smoke or heat.


What is the role of business owners and building managers? 

Business owners and building managers must see to it that the fire alarms and smoke alarms are properly installed. It is important to know that all the devices are operating and can serve its purpose in case a fire happens.

Make sure that at every level of the building, there is fire safety equipment in it such as fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. Always check if the fire escapes are free of things that can block people from passing in it.

These are just some of the preventive methods you can to do to ensure the safety of your workers and your assets at work.


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Consult a professional

To help you ensure that your building is safe and fire-proof ready, consult a professional now. Professional help from expert electricians can provide you with a proper smoke alarm system. They can help test your smoke alarms and keep it in good operating status.

Don’t wait until it gets too late to stop the blazing fire from turning your workplace into ashes. Get the proper smoke alarm system for your building in the Greater Brisbane areas, including Greenslopes, Fairfield, Holland Park, Windsor, Ascot, Paddington, and the West End and make it ready against fire.