Why should your business invest in a UPS now?

Dec 4, 2021 | Blogs

The last thing you want is your warehouse full of products to go without power for more than a few minutes. It’s expensive and time-consuming to replace everything that goes bad in the fridge when you can’t get food delivered on time. The same goes for when the lights go out in an office building. It’s important for businesses, warehouses, and offices alike to invest in uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems that keep their operations running no matter what happens outside or inside of their walls.

Why should your business invest in a UPS now?

Our blog post today will cover some benefits of UPS systems and how they work. Read on if this sounds like something worth investing this coming 2022.


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What is a UPS and why do I need one

UPS is a system that provides emergency power to your equipment, even when the grid goes down. It’s an excellent way to protect sensitive equipment from power outages, surges, brownouts, spikes and other such issues.


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How does it work

A UPS is a device that provides power to equipment and devices when the main power supply fails. It typically appears as a battery backup unit. But it can also be installed as an addition to existing systems such as generators or utility company connections.

The UPS has two parts: the input and output. The input gathers energy from various sources like solar panels, grid power, wind turbines or fuel cells. This energy then flows through batteries, which store it until needed by the output section of the UPS system; where it is used to provide clean and secure electricity for sensitive equipment in your warehouse or office space.


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Who should have a UPS in their businesses in Brisbane

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are often under-prepared for disasters. Various businesses, especially the ones in warehouses are prone to power outages. Not only does this mean the outage can happen during work hours, but it also means that your inventory will no longer have any safety net in case it happens. A UPS can help you with this.

Everyone knows that a power outage can ruin a business day. But if you have a UPS in place, you won’t be affected by a power outage; and your business will stay up and running as usual even when the power goes out.

UPS systems are made to work with any kind of electrical load, from small home appliances to large-scale office buildings. Therefore, a UPS system is a must-have for any business, especially in warehouses with machines that are important for continuous business operations such as data servers and security systems.


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Benefits of having a UPS for your business

The average cost of a UPS varies depending on the size required by your business’ needs. However, when considering all the benefits they offer in protecting your company against blackouts or brownouts, not to mention their potential for saving money over time, they’re well worth it. Below are the other benefits of having UPS for your business.

  • Helps prevent fires caused by electrical surges which can lead to natural disasters like cyclones and floods
  • Protects your machines from downtime and deterioration caused by an unexpected power outage
  • Preserves your equipment against the damaging effects of lightning strikes, severe weather and broken power lines
  • Prevents your computers and other equipment from expensive repairs.
  • Promotes employee productiveness through a reliable energy supply in the workplace
  • Ensures continuous operation in your workplace

Not only does a UPS saves you money on expensive equipment repairs, but it also saves your company time and revenue by preventing unnecessary downtime caused by electrical malfunctions.


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The dangers of not having a UPS for your business

If you have an aging power grid, then the chances of power outages happening in your workplace may be more frequent. This could mean:

  • Deflated budget cost because of expensive repairs.
  • Revenue loss due to a power outage
  • Risk of burnouts, spikes, and power surges, which may lead to a fire.

So, if you want to protect your expensive machines and inventory, invest in a UPS now. Looking for further help with this, talk to us. We can help you.